Email Marketing: Tools you need in Growing your Email lists


Considering the fact that email marketing is growing and database are everywhere in the market, there is still a great gap in improving the quality of email lists. Your business contacts might go without prompt in changing their brand name, address, budget or C-suite personnel. The risk of your email list in decaying is far greater than the risk of losing them out. Worse is that you may have been so focused in sent outs without knowing the kind of email contacts you currently have.

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In our effort to fill the gap of diminishing quality in our email marketing, we can share some tools for you to help your business to grow your email list.

SumoMe for Pop-Ups

This free tool is designed to get your pop-ups up and running. It runs within a matter of minutes and integrates new contacts to specifically align the old and recent data. Your pop-ups will never be the same because it will help you manage how many sign up you have taken in a timely basis.

Hellobar for Sticky Bar

Sticky bar are alternatives for pop-ups. It stands at the top of your website and sticks as the user scrolls down. It increases the chance of user in opting in. The free tool you need is Hellobar by which it help you deliver the right message at the right time, however, the free plan does incorporate ads.

Hold On Stranger for Exit Pop-Up

Triggers upon a visitor exits your website. An attempt to increase retention and prompting the reader’s attention. It gives about 15% rate of chance your visitor makes a click. For this, you may use Hold On Stranger that implement an exit intent pop-up on your website.

MailMunch for In-Content

Another way to encourage users to sign for their email is to use In-content subscriber box. This allows them to get free access to premium contents. For this we use MailMunch’s Embedded Opt-In Forms to create high quality forms that can be embedded before, after, or in between our website or blog content.

Twitter Ads Page for Twitter Lead Generation Cards

This time, you make an outbound efforts on the go. Why wait for visitors? While you can use Twitter Ads Page to facilitate your conversions. You can ask them to join your newsletter or download a content offer directly within a tweet.

Email marketing is not an overnight task. It absolutely cannot be completed but improved.

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