Social Selling Campaign in Six Easy Steps  


There’s only 8% of sales reps consider social selling in their priority. At the same time, it has become apparent that that salespeople must establish themselves as trusted advisors and can provide value to their prospects in becoming successful.

Social Selling Campaign

In disseminating information to wide audience and perform targeted outreach through direct message, social channels are one of the best place to do this. Before it was “Always Be Closing” now, it has become “Always Be Helping” in the way of social selling.

The question here is why is there a rip between adoptions?

Salespeople from many perspective often treat social platforms such LinkedIn and Twitter as additional channels on which to spam prospects. Instead of cold calling 50 prospects, they will send 40 cold direct messages on LinkedIn and call it “social selling.”

More than using social channels, there is more out of salespeople in using social media. There are plenty of resources available in helping our sales reps in getting started. Here are the six starting steps:

  1. Set up your foundation by demonstrating value. Build a strong sense in your profile page, image and banner. Demonstrate how you can help businesses.
  2. Build your network by connecting with prospects. Connect with high valued prospect in order to build up your company image. Make it look like your actually dealing with it.
  3. Find the right people using Advanced Search. Find professionals in your target market. Newly hired decision makers are up to 10 times more likely to purchase.
  4. Engage prospects with insights by sharing content. B2B buyers report that they appreciate hearing from a sales person who provides knowledge or insight about their business.
  5. Build strong relationships by researching buyers. Sales reps need to have the skills to build strong relationship over time.
  6. Measure and optimize by tracking engagement and results. As a marketer, you should choose two different methods in engaging to compare metrics afterwards.

Social selling must be adaptive in any situation especially in the ever-changing marketing environment.

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