Digital Marketers Need to Know Facebook’s New Product Ads

Facebook's New Ads

B2B and B2C marketers should know the new product ads from Facebook designed to a New Canvas ad format and dedicated Shopping Section. With the continuous work of Facebook in delivering e-commerce marketers and put them in the social network as an actual shopping section. Since users actually go to Facebook to view products, they designed it to make it easier for them to navigate and discover new products from different markets.

For B2B marketing, the ne canvas ads was designed to integrate the sites navigational properties to make it looks like the site is already in Facebook ads. It can have full screen for full product description to promote comprehensive marketing experience.

The new Canvas format Facebook tests out users do their initial catalog on browsing Facebook. It was surveyed that users often abandoned the site’s page due to slow loading of page leaving the website unread. With the new Canvas format, social marketers can now load their ads and make it faster.

The new ads format features multiple products and image in an ad. Additionally, the site enabled video for Product ads and rolled it out on Instagram. There are also dynamic product ads that can be pulled from product feeds advertisers uploaded on Facebook and will be a basis on the products users visited websites. Every format send users an alert and leaves an option to close before the page load.

For marketers who wanted to use this new ad format, chances are little due to the new feature still in testing. The testing for the new ad will come in weeks. The new shopping feature will be available only to small businesses. But the it was announce to stay tuned for new updates for this feature.



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