Why you shouldn’t generate “Just” Leads and Not “Closable” Leads in B2B Marketing


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Business marketing proposal is one thing can B2B marketing can offer to their clients. The business leads of which their database makes up should be closable in the range of 70-80% range. But most often, leads that are listed on some database we scrub off, composed of industry which we think is far too closable for some of our clients, and even some of them are not. We so really understand the gravity of generating new business leads is important in our fast changing business environment.

The problem here is that too many of this leads are not closable to the point that the ROI of the business is not given back. This is a terrible waste among marketers especially business clients. Nobody want to invest their time and efforts on something that is not worthy. To sum up, we are going to define the type of leads we encounter in our marketing department and see how it affects our marketing.

The “JUST” leads vs. “CLOSABLE” leads

According to our database, our lead generation team produces 10% just leads. Notably this just leads are business leads however, their reliability, sales-factor and close-factor are very low to the extent it can’t be proposed to other business.

What’s up with these anyway? Examples are leads coming from industry which don’t need business partners and retailing industry.

We had encounter having a lead from a business that sell missiles and arsenal weapon, business lead that sells clam shells and business lead that sell apparel product.

Okay. We know that we truly value any leads that we can provide, but try to see if those business that I mentioned can be presentably and preferably have business partners.

I’m not judging on their business, but we should think about the factor that no matter how many business clients we call and try to sell products their business.

There is a less that 1% chance someone going to buy that.

So, what I’m trying to is that our business lead generators can generate lead however they should target as well whose leads that is closable. I always put this in the mind of our lead generators;

It’s better to have 3 closed leads than having 30 leads without any close at all.”

I always keep in mind that at the end of the day, it is more important to have a close deal with business rather than nothing. We know that many would say that having many leads will increase its close-factor. Well, that might be wrong because there are hundreds of factors business might not work with each other.

To sum up, I would like to make it clear that we don’t encourage low lead generation. It does not guarantee that if your lead comes from the big five, it will succeed. It is a case to case basis also and we are still making it worth by doing a lot research about business leads.

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