The Importance of Collaborating Sales and Marketing in Business  


Marketing and sales people are the most important in terms of customer-to-company relationship. And when inbound marketing is integrated, sales and marketing team are no longer apart. Both department will not be working separately. They should be focused on how they must work together at every stage of sales process.

sales and marketing

Positioning your marketing and sales in a parallel way will determine the difference in success of your inbound marketing strategy. How well you attract leads, convert and close the deal depends on how both sides work together. This mutual relationship isn’t just about leaving the responsibility on one side but –it is the sole backbone of company’s revenue and growth.

To start with the process, your marketing and sales message should be synonymous. Back then, marketing messages are highly promotional and customer often get disappointed upon hearing sales messages. This is one of the downside when marketing and sales aren’t synch.

Your marketing message should be consistent with your sales campaign, content and marketing channels. All of them should mirror each other. By doing this, you can efficiently attract the right kind of leads and sales department can talk to the ideal buyer personas.

Create a buyer personas together. Marketers most often make a buyer personas without the sales team. Bad effect is that, this make a broader opening between sales and marketing leading a message and missing its target to the right buyers.

The reasons why both should work because sales reps are trusted advisers and are the first point of contact by your customers. They know more about what type of customers you are dealing than marketers are not aware of. With them around, you can craft much more sensible marketing messages and effectively target the right prospects.

Lastly, content marketing should need some sales advices. Your content is the key to attract new customers and you should not do this alone. Your sales team can help your content creator by filling up some information about actual stats, sales strategy and customer friendly tips. Your sales team knows more about the pain points about what type of customer you are dealing with.

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