How to show TLC in your Lead Nurturing and Data Management

TLC in your Lead Nurturing and Data Management. Anyone from a marketing industry will tell that their effort and contribution to the marketing demand never depreciate in one way or another. Sounds convincing, right? I should be, with the rising demand today, your marketing team should always nail down in producing sales-ready customers. That’s just half true in marketing, the other truth underlie in the tool of every marketing software.TLC in your Lead Nurturing and Data Management

You got that, the answer is data.

Without it, your beautiful emails, shiny websites and sophisticated nurturing is absolutely nothing. Every marketers need data to perform their optimum, high and effective programs that drive ROI.

  1. Clean It

In showing TLC in your Lead Nurturing and Data Management a well-maintained data is next to cleanliness. Whether it is in your CRM or on a spreadsheet –every time you upload it in the automation platform, it’s is very important to have it cleaned. So go ahead –grab that intangible scrub and cleaner.

  1. Consolidate It

Data might contain many attribute and characteristics in showing TLC in your Lead Nurturing and Data Management. But that does not mean you have to submit all of it in the automation platform. It would be a waste of time to do it and you just have to choose which data is relevant to the marketing needs of your prospect or you sales reps.

  1. Standardize It

The next thing you must do is to organize these data in the system so that you can have a drop-down menus that is relevant to the consolidated fields you have decided on. For example, the drop-down menu must contain: “buyer”, “director” and “manager”.

Additionally in showing TLC in your Lead Nurturing and Data Management, this might seem obvious but when importing the contacts, you must make it sure that it appears in the headers of the CSY file exactly matching the fields in the automation platform. This will ensure the client can map it with ease.

  1. Integrate It

Avoid putting a lot of information in your CRM. Keep you data nice ‘n cozy inside the automation platform so that it can be accessible when it’s needed. Put only qualified leads and qualified data in the CRM. This will make the CRM much more efficient sales tool and will establish relevant communication between sales and marketing.

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