How to Handle Leads between Marketing and Recruitment  

How to handle leads in Marketing serves as a factory in the perspective of recruitment. In our terms, recruitment can be referred to inside sales or admissions –wherein the leads will have to go and actually sign up with the company. This is a critical part of which marketing and recruitment have to take seriously. If done wrong, all efforts will be wasted.

how to handle leads

Sometimes marketing and recruitment pass the chore from one department to another. They sometimes blame who has been missing the right process or what not. Recruitment complains lead quality while recruitment’s inconsistent follow-up on leads frustrates marketing. This make it sound like a home chore rather than a routine process.

What to do now then?

This is the time where working together in the same ground with marketing and recruitment becomes a bro-to-bros muscling up. They will be working together from informing to enrolling.

What is the process then?

There is a ton of process out there and I don’t want to drown you in just one post.

NO I won’t be doing that. Instead, I am going to give some basics and baby steps to make this possible. First from the list is make an SLA or Service Level agreement between your own marketing and recruitment department.  It spells out each department’s roles and obligations in their lead generation and conversion process.

An effective SLA also defines goals and success metrics that Marketing and Recruitement must meet. Making the SLA together takes agreement on critical terms, especially what makes up an “Recruitment Qualified Lead (RQL).” These are the criteria that define when a lead is ready to hand-off. When you agree, complaints of bad leads go away. Consider some of these criteria to include:

  1. Demographics of Leads
  2. Expressed Interests from the Leads
  3. Behavioral Triggers of a lead
  4. Define actions and results expected from each individual in each department
  5. Drawing a direct connection between Marketing’s lead generation goals and Recruitment’s enrollment goals.
  6. Enjoy the teamwork

Marketing and Recruitment may not be of terms with each other. But if one could make the two together, it make more sense in the B2B marketing realm.

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