Spotting the Difference between Inquiry and Leads

spotting queries and leads

B2B marketing needs raw business opportunities. This means that business leads are the raw materials needed to run the industry itself. Whether if it is a business leads or a sales leads, the common ground really is to find new avenue for their clients.

But in our marketing experience, it if often a misconceptions of our marketers and online researchers to perceive an inquiry from a lead. So, what is it then? Does that sound really dangerous in running the marketing process? My answer is yes. It’s a big deal for a marketer not to properly spot an inquiry from a deal.

Research shows that as much of 71% of inquiries are left unanswered and 36% are never followed up. The results is from the moment marketers collect information such as these and dump them over to sales, no one wins. There is no return of investment here. That means, we have to be smart and judge whether we qualify an inquiry to a lead.

A LEAD is not someone who visit, read, download a form and register from your webinar. A LEAD is not the person who fits in your demographic profile. A LEAD is not someone who reads your blog every week nor is it someone who click about your product or services.

The bottom line is above are just INQUIRIES, and not a LEAD.

An inquiry are ‘raw responders’ or ‘candidates.’ They express interest on you on how you solve problems that may involve them is some ways. These can be in the form of business advisories, product reviews and life style hacks. It depends and varies actually.

These inquiring people wanted to be educated and solve problems. The job of marketing is to how you can interest them further and by doing so, you have to simply ask them. But don’t get disappointed because there is only very few of them that can be converted into a lead.

To get moving, a LEAD is a qualified business opportunity as what I said earlier. Again, the only way to know if they are interested is to ask them. The most common definition of lead according to IBM who developed BANT system. This is where B2B telemarketers reach their people by phone, ask if they have a Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe in solving their problem.

Some marketers have added some criteria in BANT system. But the conclusion is that sales should never see a lead without it being directly qualified if there is really a business opportunity.

To sum up, a lead can come from inquiry. This means a good marketer should always see the potential of inquiries.

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