Warming Up Cold Leads

Guides in Warming Up Cold Leads in B2B Marketing  


Cold leads are often visitors or prospects that are not ready yet to buy your product or service. They are likely to be the first timer viewers in your website and you cannot really tell whether they will buy or not and the most scary is that you are reluctantly drawing them in your promotional advertisement. Warming them up requires time and energy but doing it right will take a little effort to have them converted. Read more

small business should quit using yellow pages

Reasons Why Small Business Should Quit Using Yellow Pages?  


In the US, small business industry employs two to three employees. These small business are often those wo survived recession after the war and have been kept going together with a good management, marketing and other things to keep the business alive. Read more

3 Things about Content Marketing Your Boss Wants To Know  


secrets in content marketing

Your creativity means something to the company. The content you are creating can drive further prospects into their sales journey. That means, your superior need to know the tactics you are doing so to keep up with your pace. However, many marketer and online creators are having trouble what is what to make in order to keep the dynamics of content marketing. The trouble of unplanned content creation might lead to waste if the creator did not do his homework.

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5 Myths about Lead Generation

myths in lead generation

Everybody says that lead generation can be easy if someone is just using the right tool and strategy. Other experts says that in lead generation, one should keep a closer proximity of their prospects. Many B2B marketing industry relies on what they said about lead generating tips and how they can get it. The problem here is that if those advices were true, leads must have been an easy catch. Read more