Online Tools that Leverage Lead Generation

5 Online Tools That Leverage Lead Generation

Online tools that leverage lead generation. This list consist of must have tools that help me and my clients businesses everyday. These tools will help you foster leads from social media, your website, and your inbox. I highly recommend you check them out so you can start getting more leads.

#1 – Social Media Simplified with Buffer

Online tools that leverage lead generation Buffer

Online tools that leverage lead generation. It’s frustrating to log into every social media account your own and publish content. If you want more control check out Buffer. Buffer is an application that makes it super simple to post your content on multiple social networks at once.

The really neat feature of Buffer is its ability to post automatically without you being present. Just queue up your favorite links and buffer will syndicate it to all your social networks at the times you scheduled.

Increased post frequency of good content will help your business break through the noise. Install Buffer today, you wish you did sooner.

#2 – Get Initiate with Inbound Writer

Online tools that leverage lead generation Inbound Writer

Online tools that leverage lead generation. If you’re like me, who creates content (articles, blogs, interviews), how do you know if your content will be found in search engines? How do you know if it’s the right content to write about? Well don’t worry, I found a great tool to remedy this, it’s called Inbound Writer.

Inbound Writer will help you generate what ideas to write about, predict the performance of the content before you even start writing, and measure content quality and results. It’s free to try. It comes in a Web version and integrates with WordPress.

#3 – Capture New Leads with Leadpages

Online tools that leverage lead generation Leadpages

Online tools that leverage lead generation. Are you tired of figuring out how to capture emails and build complicated landing pages to generate leads? If yes, then you are going to love Leadpages. Leadpages is easy to use landing page software to build landing pages and other email capture pages in no time.

Leadpages has a library of great landing page templates that can be used to build pages for Newsletter signups, eBooks, Free Report pages, Sales pages, Video sales pages, Webinar registration pages, PPC and Adwords Mini site pages and more. Lead pages integrates with your current Website, WordPress, and Facebook.

#4 – Discover Decision Makers with Rapportive

Online tools that leverage lead generation Rapportive

Online tools that leverage lead generation. Have you ever had the trouble of contacting a business decision maker you wanted to get in touch with but you could not find their work email address?

You were left only with or, eww right? No worries, Rapportive has got your back.

Rapportive is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to see rich contact information such as who they are and their social media profiles. You can also guess the email address of someone by typing in their name and seeing if rapportive can generate their profiles associated with that account. This tactic can make the difference of you getting in touch with a decision maker and closing the deal.

#5 – Track Sales Efforts with Yesware

Online tools that leverage lead generation Yesware

Online tools that leverage lead generation. Did you get my email? No one likes asking that question. Imagine if you had an application that could track if someone opened that email you took forever to write. Well now there is, it’s called Yesware.

Yesware is brilliant because it tracks how many times someone looked at the email, where they opened it, and what device they opened it on. Yesware lets you store email templates and connects to your CRM platform. Using Yesware is easy, just install it as a Google Chrome extension for your Gmail account.

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