How should Salespeople negotiate

How should Salespeople negotiate even after the sales process?

How should Salespeople negotiate

How should Salespeople negotiate?

Any sales people would feel excited when they will be sending a copy of a contract to the prospect until they hear the prospect gone and say…

“May I have a copy of the contract before I sign the deal?”

Knowing that you have gone all through the sales process and education of the product, your prospect might still not be 100% ready to commit a deal with you. This can be dreadful because it may haywire the whole process in just an instant. Read more

Why you shouldn’t do the Spray and Pray in Telemarketing 

If you’re going to google “buy telemarketing lists” you will see there are at least 286,000 results. It’s like many companies these days are simply just buying email list and marketing will blast them to and with a package of random collection of publicly available contact number to solicit a phone call. This list don’t guarantee that the numbers are working in order just like people you are going to call are interested to her what you have for them. Read more