TLC in your Lead Nurturing and Data Management

How to show TLC in your Lead Nurturing and Data Management

TLC in your Lead Nurturing and Data Management. Anyone from a marketing industry will tell that their effort and contribution to the marketing demand never depreciate in one way or another. Sounds convincing, right? I should be, with the rising demand today, your marketing team should always nail down in producing sales-ready customers. That’s just half true in marketing, the other truth underlie in the tool of every marketing software. Read more

how to handle leads

How to Handle Leads between Marketing and Recruitment  

How to handle leads in Marketing serves as a factory in the perspective of recruitment. In our terms, recruitment can be referred to inside sales or admissions –wherein the leads will have to go and actually sign up with the company. This is a critical part of which marketing and recruitment have to take seriously. If done wrong, all efforts will be wasted.

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sales and marketing

The Importance of Collaborating Sales and Marketing in Business  


Marketing and sales people are the most important in terms of customer-to-company relationship. And when inbound marketing is integrated, sales and marketing team are no longer apart. Both department will not be working separately. They should be focused on how they must work together at every stage of sales process. Read more


Why you shouldn’t generate “Just” Leads and Not “Closable” Leads in B2B Marketing


lead generation

Business marketing proposal is one thing can B2B marketing can offer to their clients. The business leads of which their database makes up should be closable in the range of 70-80% range. But most often, leads that are listed on some database we scrub off, composed of industry which we think is far too closable for some of our clients, and even some of them are not. We so really understand the gravity of generating new business leads is important in our fast changing business environment. Read more

The Biggest Lies in Data Mining

lies in data mining

Contact listing in B2B marketing are on the heat of marketing platforms. Aside from the benefits of contact and email acquisition, data mining has also its edge in building information of decision makers across different industries. Data mining gives us raw information that most often circulates without having its credibility. Data mining is about knowledge and information, but occasionally it predicts the future. It would give us the idea that data mining is about predictive analysis in B2B marketing in terms of predictive analysis in business proposition and sales propaganda. Read more

Spotting the Difference between Inquiry and Leads

spotting queries and leads

B2B marketing needs raw business opportunities. This means that business leads are the raw materials needed to run the industry itself. Whether if it is a business leads or a sales leads, the common ground really is to find new avenue for their clients.

But in our marketing experience, it if often a misconceptions of our marketers and online researchers to perceive an inquiry from a lead. So, what is it then? Does that sound really dangerous in running the marketing process? My answer is yes. It’s a big deal for a marketer not to properly spot an inquiry from a deal.

Research shows that as much of 71% of inquiries are left unanswered and 36% are never followed up. The results is from the moment marketers collect information such as these and dump them over to sales, no one wins. There is no return of investment here. That means, we have to be smart and judge whether we qualify an inquiry to a lead. Read more

5 Myths about Lead Generation

myths in lead generation

Everybody says that lead generation can be easy if someone is just using the right tool and strategy. Other experts says that in lead generation, one should keep a closer proximity of their prospects. Many B2B marketing industry relies on what they said about lead generating tips and how they can get it. The problem here is that if those advices were true, leads must have been an easy catch. Read more