How Multichannel Marketing changed the course of Travelocity

Several successful companies are already reaping the benefits of integrated, multichannel marketing strategies especially B2B industry. These companies have achieved impressive results by implementing a cross-channel analytics solution and aligning their organizations to respond to multichannel marketing opportunities.

A leader in the travel services industry, Travelocity needed a deeper understanding of customer interactions with its website in order to continue to grow its business. The company also wanted to better understand the effectiveness of different customer acquisition vehicles such as e-mail promotions, offsite display ads, social networking channels, and search engine marketing.


By implementing a multichannel analytics solution, the company gleaned critical insight into how customers were using the site. The marketing team analyzed each pathway by product, acquisition channel, search attributes, and other variables to identify opportunities to improve the customer experience and deliver targeted messaging. They created detailed audience segments and ran iterative tests to optimize site content and promotional tactics.

“Ultimately, we were able to make more intelligent site decisions, giving users better product options and more seamless, relevant experiences,” says Shankar Mishra, director of vacation packages for Travelocity North America.

Using an integrated multichannel analytics and testing platform, the company achieved a 15% increase in conversion and recouped its technology investment in just nine months. Like Dollar Thrifty, Travelocity also used cross-channel data to analyze campaign results and allocate media budget more efficiently, leading to a higher overall return on marketing investment.

Once you’ve decided to pursue a multichannel marketing strategy, the first steps depend on several factors, including your existing business intelligence infrastructure, available budget, and business goals. Remember to build organizational support within and across the marketing and IT departments at each stage of the technology selection and implementation process.

Whatever your goals, you’ll be more successful if you focus on only two or three business issues at a time, testing and optimizing as you go. Then tackle additional questions and opportunities as resources permit. Remember that multichannel marketing is as much an organizational journey as it is a technology-driven endeavor.