Who is going to Super Bowl 50 and why should Social Media marketers be aware of it?  


Super Bowl 50 is coming and it’s no secret that everyone is excited who’s going to win this event in one of America’s awaited sports event. Everyone wants to know and the same way with social media marketing as well. 

Super Bowl 50

It’s unquestionable that social media in B2B marketing is in its prime, and that Twitter is in very good company with leading competitors like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, each giving unique ways for marketers to brand and reach their target audiences. Now that many people (and their mothers and grandmothers) is on Facebook, it’s one of the best medium to humanize the company brand by sharing status updates, photos, and videos.

While Instagram behaves as a virtual diary of pictures and videos, it’s a great as well to promote your brand, products, and culture visually. LinkedIn is known for their professional social network, so anyone can network, build relationships with influencers, become an influencer through its Pulse publishing platform, and easily identify and reach with prospects with different industries.

Yes. That is right. You heard it Super Bowl 50 is where you should market your brand and to do this you have to know your players and team mates. Whether it would be the Carolina, Panthers or Denver, Broncos.

B2B Social Marketers need to be agile like Carolina Panthers

Super Bowl 2016 will be participated by one of the most agile team in the history of NFL. Carolina Panthers are weaving their way with the help of their MVP player Peyton Manning. Let us see how we can apply this ability in social media marketing.

A short character count allows marketers to be quick and fast to react to real-time activities, just like passing the ball. Consider the bombardment of messages that erupt whenever anything newsworthy happens or something goes viral. Marketers have adapted to become fast-reacting stimuli, chewing out content within seconds. Gone are the days when social media posts need to be planned out days or weeks in advance. With Twitter’s character limit, B2B social marketers react quickly to current events and trends and tweet right on-the-spot. Who could’ve expect that a white and gold, wait no…black and blue, dress would become viral?

B2B Social Marketers need to make every word count like Levi’s Stadium making its Security tight

“We’d rather fans err on the side of caution,” NFL senior vice president of security Jeffrey Miller said.

The Super Bowl 50 is preparing its stadium and Levi’s Stadium is harnessing and tightening their security to avoid any terrorist attack just like what happened in Paris Attack. Well for social marketers we have to see why we should be prepared.

With just 140 characters, Twitter made us to tell our stories brief. This means we have to tailor out all the “fluff” and get straight to the point. There’s no time and certainly there’s no room for mumbling. Also, with a shorter character limit there’s less room for mistake. Social marketers have learned to become fast, effective writer, determining the pain point of the message and get to across in an interesting way.

B2B Social marketers are also excellent overseer. It’s a tough job to cut down a shop down “necessary” information. But with websites like Thesaurus.com to replace certain words with shorter ones, hashtags, and abbreviations, they can do it without sacrificing the purpose.

Super Bowl 50 cannot be waited and social marketers might want to get along with this trend. So grab you keyboards and start cutting down ideas

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