The Do’s and Don’ts in Using Social Media in Business  

Business people already know the power and ability of using social media especially Facebook as a source of medium with their customer or clients. There is also an importance in using this kind of medium in growing business. Since a lot of us are confident in using this media as an individual, its uses in marketing is whole lot different.Social-Media-in-Business


Social media not only attracts new people but it can give good or bad impression on your brand. Its sole capacity to drive audience in a global scale is undisputed. If anyone wants to look good about their marketing there are dos and don’ts in using social media in business branding.

Here are some insights that we want to share:

  1. Do Recognize Profile Picture

Be professional in your profile picture. Avoid selfies. Make the background white.

  1. Don’t Leave Company’s ‘About us’ blank

Be sure to fill the information about your company. Be brief and concise.

  1. Do Cover Photo Properly

Be lively and brandy about the cover photo as it will become a banner for your business.

  1. Don’t use Dummy Account

Never use a dummy account as it violates terms and conditions of Facebook. The reputation of the company depends on the account’s reliability.

  1. Do Tailor your Organic Posts

Be mindful about the post that you make. Use these to engage the right audience with the right content.

  1. Don’t Post Too Often

Too much post is a waste and annoying. Don’t overwhelm you audience with too much posts.

  1. Do Track URLs for Analysis

Measure the metric results of your posts to ensure quality control.

  1. Don’t Forget about Multimedia Posts

Use multi-media such as video, audio, podcast, webinar in more compelling ways.

  1. Do Post at The Right Time

Be sure to post at the right time to increase readability of your posts.

  1. Don’t Be Slow to Respond

Be fast in responding questions. Be relevant and helpful. Sarcasm will get you nowhere.

  1. Do Use Paid Media

Allocate budget for Facebook Paid media.

  1. Don’t Make Assumptions

Don’t get cocky about popularity. Even though your content is highly shareable, you have to monitor it.

Business social media account takes a lot of time and effort in managing but it can give you a lot of leads for new customers though. Using social media in marketing is rewarding if done right.

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