Simple and easy steps that will improve your B2B Sales and Marketing Email

Sales and marketing email isn’t easy. A gullible B2B prospects, for all goal and intuition, is truly an engaged B2B prospect — and that is exactly what B2B people want. After all, engaged B2B prospects are more likely to read your sales and marketing email, which makes them more likely to reach a call-to-action.

Are you ready to edit your copy like a pro? Here’s what you gonna do…

Simple and easy steps that will improve your B2B Sales and Marketing Email

1) Start with statements that get the prospects to say “yes.”

Inertia, be it astral or reality, is a compelling force. In other words, whether it’s a long-term business relationship or a rock rolling down a hill, the longer it’s in keeping the business in motion the powerful the inertia makes it to stop. That’s why B2B emailers love using it, especially in their business introductions.

The idea in this case is that the longer the B2B prospects to say “yes” to your honest, exact statements, they are more likely to keep saying “yes” and, eventually, connect with your sales and marketing email. Why? Because they’ll feel like you understand them; like you knew exactly what they are experiencing.

Make ‘em say “yes” and they will have the feeling that your product or service can help solve their business hurdles. Hopefully, it can.

2) Pressing the “Enter” every 1-3 sentences

As we all know, pressing “Enter” or “Return” twice or thrice leaves a space between the paragraphs. But just because this space is void of words, it does not mean it doesn’t serve any purpose.

Just like photographers and designers use negative space to create a focal point, writers use white space to fill in the emphasis and draw attention to something that is more important.

This white space also makes the copy appear less intimidating and more readable. It shapes the sales and marketing email in a polished, elegant frame that invites B2B prospects to read out.

3) Bold the Benefits

Bolding the benefits will instantly drive the = B2B prospects to the information you absolutely need them to know. In fact, in-text formatting of any kind piece — italicizing, underlining, capitalizing, back-linking — will help you catch and maintain the B2B prospect’s attention. That happens because our minds are hardwired to notice change.

Imagine watching a movie go from a dialogue to a monologue in the same scene. Or a drama fade to a perfectly white screen. Does it gets your attention?

Something new and something has change, thinks your subconscious. Something that stands out. Let’s focus –our mind probably.

Feeling Prepared?

Making Sales and Marketing email isn’t easy. It takes some guts and character to change creative work. But keep in mind, you’re doing it for a reason: to make your business email stronger and clearer. In the end, making these changes will take some time and effort, but they’ll build more B2B email opens, more shares, and more conversions.

And trust me, it’ll be worth it.


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