Guides in Warming Up Cold Leads in B2B Marketing  


Cold leads are often visitors or prospects that are not ready yet to buy your product or service. They are likely to be the first timer viewers in your website and you cannot really tell whether they will buy or not and the most scary is that you are reluctantly drawing them in your promotional advertisement. Warming them up requires time and energy but doing it right will take a little effort to have them converted.


Warming Up Cold Leads

Assuming that they are the right persona for your target market, you need the right amount of time and information to warm you brand to them. What you need is nurturing campaigns. Nurturing campaigns are designed to keep right persona under you target, engage them with the right emails and resources and eventually make an appointment with them.

Now, for cold leads. We have prepared and tailored some of our best email campaign nurturing workflow to ensure and keep our prospect engage with our company brand.

There are three options, these are;

Option 1: Ask curious questions

“What’s new with your business?”

By asking this question, you can determine right away what is happening with the company you are rooting and by that you can send them exclusive offer or any sweet deal that will spark their attention with your service.

Option 2: Email them a Survey

Subject line: Did you know that 50% of closed deal comes from SaaS?

Survey like what do they feel about your company and what do they expect? What impressions do they have upon reaching your site? What information do they need to move forward?

This will speed up and evaluate your own campaign in the process. Knowing what your prospect feel and want will determine what type of option you will do next.

Option 3: Communicate with Empathy

“We’re thinking about you. Are you thinking about us?”

Talk to your prospect like they are just people and not high level executives. Trust me, they respond to this without hesitation. This target the empathetically then emotion of your prospect and by doing that you can exploit their needs. Tell them about a product/service they may be interested in based off of their prior page views and downloads.

Cold leads are always the problem in B2B prospecting and while the train is running, make sure you have the right load to arrive at the destination you are looking forward.

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