Email Marketing: Adding Value in Email Messages  


Adding value in email message is crucial. Back then we were so excited when we give out our email address and ask for someone else’s too. We were so hyped when we are receiving email from our friends abroad. It is so intriguing as well because our inbox isn’t filled with a lot of unimportant messages. But time came by and suddenly we felt our mailbox has becoming more and more crowded and occupied with promotional emails and advertisements. Then we came to the point when we don’t see any value on our emails anymore.

Adding Value in Email

Same with email marketing in B2B marketing. No matter how we personalized an email and put the recipient’s name on it, it is inevitably be going in the spam or trash folder. Since the value of email in this era has becoming less important, it is a challenge to see how marketers can retaliate the situation. Email marketing has become a nuisance in the digital environment, to catch you from falling into the pitfalls of email tragedy, here are some tips we can share for you to see how we add value to our email.

  • Offer a strategy suggestion

Since we do B2B email marketing, we start with promoting how email stratify the business relationship and sales. We always make an offer to help. Part of this are free consultation 24/7 upon availability. We don’t end with just promoting. We offer help and advices.

  • Reference a mutual connection

To establish our credibility, we see to it that our reference and people that we promote are highly recognized in our field of suggestions. We make sure we have a common understanding with the prospect. Having a common knowledge with your prospects is essential.

  • Include a blog post about your product

We put at least two to three related blog post in our emails. This articles are align with the type and size of the business we are rooting. Make it sure that it can help as well the offer you are trying to give.

  • Send a customer review

Optional for starting businesses. We include some of the reviews from our satisfied clients. No need for them to be highly recognize. They will make your email sounds so good.

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