Current Sales Email May Be Causing To Lose Out Interests of Prospects  


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We admit the fact in B2B marketing, sending sales email is a baby’s task. True, but a lot of email turnover has been reported to be tag as spam or has been moved to trash. But why is this so? Isn’t it the fact that many email marketers no longer have the secret in writing and sending an email message? Or is it the message itself that is not working? Either way, we have to take a look on how to improve the message of our emails.

To capture the attention of your prospect, doing email is much easier than dialing calls. But the consequence on this is that, if it is done thru email, the chances of having the message read is way lower sometimes worse, it will be never opened.

Another fact that in emailing, you prospect has no pre-established relationship with you.  That means you have to provide value of interest that will spark the conscious of your recipient.

Many marketers have already perfected the art of persuading readers. To further assist this process, we gathered structural analytic to enhance emailing method as it never been before.

  1. Personalized Greeting

Emailers always use templates. The problem is they will depend on the template they have. Or in the way they depend on the template that worked on their many prospects. Sometimes they forget to add some personal touch on their emails. Try something like:


Hi Roger Smith,

Marketing Manager of ABC Printing Inc.


I am positive that upon reaching and reading your business description…


  1. Generic intro are Boring

Your prospect are busy people –thus, you have to make your intro snappy, direct, personalized and creative. It is up to you if you wanted to jump immediately or transition your message. We allow our marketers to write their own templates. Try something like:


This is Mike, Marketing Leader from Krinetrix reaching out to you because we are positive that your business perfectly suites in what we are….


  1. Don’t scream for Sales

Email supposedly creates a transition from awareness to interest. Not go down with immediate sales. This is the mal practice of many emailers in sending out immediate solicitation of response from their emails. Try something like:


We are positive that your printing services is essential in many industries like office, clinics, and etc… we are positive that we can have an appointment to further discuss of how to promote your business in…


  1. Include Resources

Nevertheless, your prospect don’t know anything about you and what you do. Before making an appearance, you can show them results of your previous work or activities that will show your success is really happening. Try something like:


As you can see Mr. Roger, our marketing service covers target businesses in Asia, Australia which we can run up the conversion of your sales from 10% to 25% and we ensure that…


  1. Focus on Value, not Feature

Again, your brand has no pre-established relationship with them. All you can do is to show how can your service will be of their value. Don’t describe what is in the service, rather put emphasis on how can the service. Try something like:


Since your business is growing, we can help you get best business partners from [place] and make sure that both of you get…


  1. Include Specifics

Never include testimonials unless it is embedded in your website. Buyers will automatically a lack of detail. Link them directly to case study for reference


It is found that business in these type of industry can improve their ROI if marketing resources are…


  1. Do Research

Above all, always make your emailers do their research before clicking the send button. Knowing your buyer will help you make strategy in making an effective and professional email.



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