When Snapchat Shapes Lead Generation in B2B Marketing

Snapchat shapes lead generation now in B2B marketing. Snapchat is a one-to-one and group messaging app that consists of more than 100 million daily active users. It has been classified for long as an app in which teenagers exchange goofy self-destructing videos. But later, Snapchat is beginning to shed its skin and evolve into something new for business marketing make use of their new features. Last week, Snapchat announced a 2.0 version with a slew of new features, some of which will reshape the purpose of the app altogether in establishing connections for your business and get sales-ready prospects.

Snapchat Shapes Lead Generation

First, let’s go through the features and how it establish connections for your business:

Stories now auto-advance: Snapchat shapes lead generation now in B2B marketing. To keep content flowing and viewer engagement up, Snapchat stories now auto-advance and can be integrated in your Marketing Automation.

200 stickers added in private chat: Snapchat shapes lead generation now in B2B marketing. While stickers may seem small, this addition brings Snapchat in parity with one of the more popular features on other messaging apps such as LINE and Facebook Messenger in Social Media Marketing.

Upload photos from your phone: Another crowd-pleaser , this moves Snapchat from solely an “in-the-moment app” to one that can be used to share and react to the past.

10-second looped video and audio notes: Snapchat shapes lead generation now in B2B marketing. With video and audio notes, users can post genuine, human reactions as opposed to falling back on “LOL” or other anachronistic responses that can be used in event marketing.

Phone calls & video calls: This is where things start to get interesting. Users can place full phone or video calls right within Snapchat, so you can seamlessly move from sharing 10-second bursts and pictures to having a longer conversation for telemarketing purposes or multi-media marketing.

On their own the features are interesting when Snapchat shapes lead generation now in B2B marketing, but it’s the message behind the features that really caught my attention. Together, these features amount to a very clear benefit: The removal of limits to how you communicate with others remotely.

Think about it: Every other app or device we use for communication requires a certain category or format of that communication. Phones are great for long-form audio. SMS is great for text and sometimes images. Other messenger apps are great for short form messages and transactional conversations. But before this release, no single app or device optimized for all the ways humans communicate: long form, short form, audio, video, text, photo, and drawing.

Which means that when Snapchat shapes lead generation now in B2B marketing, for now, is actually pretty special.