New Hampshire Primary Result’s that creates Personalized Social media campaign

The New Hampshire primary results offered little surprise in terms of who actually won: Donald Trump won big time on the GOP side, while Bernie Sanders crushed Hillary Clinton with Democratic voters, just as polls had predicted.

The broader results and exit poll data show there are still deep divisions in both parties, though. While the former secretary of state is looking toward South Carolina and Nevada for a rebound, some of the deep-seated problems she has may not go away. And while Republicans are battling to find the anti-Trump, the bombastic billionaire has deep and wide support that could be hard to quash.

Here are some of the top takeaways from the data behind last night’s results that can be made useful in social media marketing.

New Hampshire Primary Results

1) Create Customizable Content

B2B Marketers watched this last night’s New Hampshire Primary results as Donald Trump became a social media blockbuster. We saw that social media was a perfect vehicle for non-profits to get their message out to millions of people at little to no cost. The Sander Campaign, was on every social network, was short in length, and personal, which was a recipe for success. The Sander Campaign was unique in many ways, but one of the most important lessons we learned from it was to create customizable social campaigns. The campaign adapted to each participant, allowing them to impart their experience and thoughts, and it drove virality by encouraging participants to challenge their friends.

2) Empowering Fan Base

The Lent, Ash Wednesday social media campaign garnered over 1 million impressions by leveraging the power of their fan base and community. They amplified their message by asking their fans to sign up to share a pre-populated post (giving permission for the auto-post), scheduled for a specific day and time. The Lent, Ash Wednesday released for all their fans at the same time, giving their hashtag much more lift and muscle than the average post would get. Plus, the Lent, Ash Wednesday demonstrated the power of their fan base.

3) Amplify Your Connection

Who would you be more likely to believe in New Hampshire Primary results? An old man talking about its product or a trusted friend? With the evolution of social recommendation platforms such as Krinetix, we have made even more reliant on the recommendations of others. For example, if the post will receive a letter asking for donations, It will probably be read it but it may not be donated. But, if I’m browsing on Facebook and see that a friend is asking for help to raise money for a cause or participating in an activity that benefits a non-profit, I am much more invested and likely to donate. This free social validation is worth way more than the letter when it comes to reaching a new audience and triggering a donation.

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