5 Workflows in Setting up Email Marketing Automation  


Let me tell you about B2B marketers who implement marketing automation. According to a report by Forrester, they can increase their sales pipeline contribution by 10%. To see how they do it will stratify your marketing techniques and let you increase your efforts.

email marketing automation

In your contact database, lead nurturing campaign alone cannot help you make the most out of it. Email marketing automation on the other hand can leverage the contacts that you already have. These contacts are already customers and delighting them will upsell a greater production and add more purchases.

To this task, you need a couple of automated email workflows that will tap different contacts in your database.

  1. Topic Workflows

Triggered by page views and content subscription. Topic as tips in lead generation can funneled down to substantiate the content for specific industry. Of course, you wouldn’t make workflow for weak numbers.

  1. Training Workflow

Triggered by life cycle stage (the duration of your lead under your database). This serves as an opportunity to introduce helpful tips and materials. Provide training invitation or ebooks for your customer.

  1. Engaged Workflow

Triggered by clicks, visits, and form submissions. Create a dynamic list from your contact database with a high threshold of visits of your website. Because this list is highly engaged in your content, they will more likely to share your content so send them your top content.

  1. Sales Rep Notification Workflow

Triggered by conversion events. This list of subscriber are relatively low and needs personalization from inside sales rep are necessary. To keep the engagement satisfied and make it work efficiently.

  1. Event Workflow

Triggered by registration and attendance. Set up a workflow that sends prior your online event and after training program. This will continue to nurture them and promotes future events as well.

Doing workflows in your automated email campaigns can help you define as to what sales funnel will your leads will go. This is to maintain as well the relationship of clients into knowing more about your business. Having a good outcome with email marketing automation will increase the return of investment and will lead new road in lead nurturing programs.

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