TLC in your Lead Nurturing and Data Management

How to show TLC in your Lead Nurturing and Data Management

TLC in your Lead Nurturing and Data Management. Anyone from a marketing industry will tell that their effort and contribution to the marketing demand never depreciate in one way or another. Sounds convincing, right? I should be, with the rising demand today, your marketing team should always nail down in producing sales-ready customers. That’s just half true in marketing, the other truth underlie in the tool of every marketing software. Read more

Why you shouldn’t do the Spray and Pray in Telemarketing 

If you’re going to google “buy telemarketing lists” you will see there are at least 286,000 results. It’s like many companies these days are simply just buying email list and marketing will blast them to and with a package of random collection of publicly available contact number to solicit a phone call. This list don’t guarantee that the numbers are working in order just like people you are going to call are interested to her what you have for them. Read more

how to handle leads

How to Handle Leads between Marketing and Recruitment  

How to handle leads in Marketing serves as a factory in the perspective of recruitment. In our terms, recruitment can be referred to inside sales or admissions –wherein the leads will have to go and actually sign up with the company. This is a critical part of which marketing and recruitment have to take seriously. If done wrong, all efforts will be wasted.

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B2B Prospecting

5 Horrible Ways in Doing B2B Prospecting  


“Prospecting is my life. I love it” Said no sales rep, ever.

B2B prospecting is one heck of a job. With a lot of information in the digital space, no wonder why no sales rep stick and tried out new things in prospecting. Reps might have difficulty finding the right people, getting hold of them, qualifying them, and setting up appointments, among other things. Read more

Warming Up Cold Leads

Guides in Warming Up Cold Leads in B2B Marketing  


Cold leads are often visitors or prospects that are not ready yet to buy your product or service. They are likely to be the first timer viewers in your website and you cannot really tell whether they will buy or not and the most scary is that you are reluctantly drawing them in your promotional advertisement. Warming them up requires time and energy but doing it right will take a little effort to have them converted. Read more