Adding Value in Email

Email Marketing: Adding Value in Email Messages  


Adding value in email message is crucial. Back then we were so excited when we give out our email address and ask for someone else’s too. We were so hyped when we are receiving email from our friends abroad. It is so intriguing as well because our inbox isn’t filled with a lot of unimportant messages. Read more

Using Social Media in Business

The Do’s and Don’ts in Using Social Media in Business  

Business people already know the power and ability of using social media especially Facebook as a source of medium with their customer or clients. There is also an importance in using this kind of medium in growing business. Since a lot of us are confident in using this media as an individual, its uses in marketing is whole lot different.Social-Media-in-Business Read more

Brand Identity

The Architecture of an Excellent Company Brand Identity  


Having to go with an excellent B2B or B2C company brand identity is essential to any business. It ensures that the message of the business is clearly define without its people saying it out loud. It make sense why a lot of company like GoPro needlessly to market their brand because people will always know how to find a high quality and guilt free camera. Now, how should any company see the good side of having an excellent brand and how it should be made? Read more

sales and marketing

The Importance of Collaborating Sales and Marketing in Business  


Marketing and sales people are the most important in terms of customer-to-company relationship. And when inbound marketing is integrated, sales and marketing team are no longer apart. Both department will not be working separately. They should be focused on how they must work together at every stage of sales process. Read more

email marketing

Email Marketing: Tools you need in Growing your Email lists


Considering the fact that email marketing is growing and database are everywhere in the market, there is still a great gap in improving the quality of email lists. Your business contacts might go without prompt in changing their brand name, address, budget or C-suite personnel. The risk of your email list in decaying is far greater than the risk of losing them out. Worse is that you may have been so focused in sent outs without knowing the kind of email contacts you currently have. Read more