small business should quit using yellow pages

Reasons Why Small Business Should Quit Using Yellow Pages?  


In the US, small business industry employs two to three employees. These small business are often those wo survived recession after the war and have been kept going together with a good management, marketing and other things to keep the business alive. Read more

email marketing automation

5 Workflows in Setting up Email Marketing Automation  


Let me tell you about B2B marketers who implement marketing automation. According to a report by Forrester, they can increase their sales pipeline contribution by 10%. To see how they do it will stratify your marketing techniques and let you increase your efforts.

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common writing mistakes

Worst Mistakes in Writing Email Proposals in Email Marketing  


common writing mistakes

B2B marketing requires the best impression when your lead generators are about to launch their email campaigns. They never get a second chance in doing this and while they’re doing it, there will be a lot of irrevocable mistakes that can be made. The impression via email marketing benefits not only the name of your company but a lot more on how you strategize your accent within your prospects. Read more

6 Little Known Ways to Maximize LinkedIn in B2B Marketing  


For B2B marketers, one place where you can visit your prospects is LinkedIn. Consisting of more than 400 million members and counting, there will no other platform that can offer you this great number of population where people wanted to get connected and build relationship with. The social media networking serves as a hunting base for recruiters, yet B2B sellers might get surprised because there are still a lot of ways to use this site. Read more


Why you shouldn’t generate “Just” Leads and Not “Closable” Leads in B2B Marketing


lead generation

Business marketing proposal is one thing can B2B marketing can offer to their clients. The business leads of which their database makes up should be closable in the range of 70-80% range. But most often, leads that are listed on some database we scrub off, composed of industry which we think is far too closable for some of our clients, and even some of them are not. We so really understand the gravity of generating new business leads is important in our fast changing business environment. Read more

conversation call

3 Objectionable Sales Communication that Waste Buyer’s Time  


conversation call

Almost everybody is connected in our environment these days, though we are connected and communication is very accessible, why is it our way of communication skills went good to bad?

Almost everyone is used in texting, Facebooking, Instagramming, and emailing that maybe be this is why people cause their speaking skills to deplete, or maybe they weren’t skilled enough to begin with. So whatever reason, our way of speaking needs improvement especially to our telemarketers.

Through our training, I’ve notice some spoor speaking skills that needs attention. Let’s see them out.

1) “May I ask …?”

I’ve notice in my sales reps’ introductions, they often start with asking “May I Ask…” or “May I ask who is your Sales Manager…”

When someone listen to it, it will sound that our rep is not confident enough in asking an information. This is a waste of time, because you can just ask them directly. Many of us are guilty about this because non-native speaker of English often found to be polite in their manner of inquiry.

This is nonsense.

You can establish a tone of respect to your prospect with the use of proper tone. Doing so, you have the right to ask them the information without threatening their property.

2) “Can I ask you a question?”

Another similar terms used above is “Can I ask you A question?”

Someone who is saying this is already asking a question. It does not make any sense if the purpose of your call is to ask information.

The problem with this question is that it focus on whether the prospect will say yes or no rather than giving the right information right away.

To improve this, your sales reps should just use “Tell me about what kind of business your brand is into”, no one is asking but someone is directing the prospect to answer the question immediately without any hesitation.

3) “Do you do this, or …?”

Lastly, this is another annoying habit in asking a question, and then leaving with an open-ended statement. This delivers confusion when in fact, the prospect has nothing to say anymore.

For example:

  • “Would you say your department will meet your objective for this fiscal year, or …?”
  • “Is that something you’d like to take a look at, or …?”

To avoid this, your rep should just as the question and then stop. That’s it. No further follow up. One query at a time.

B2B sales reps should be equipped with the variance of call scripts and should engage further with communication skills. This way, more information can flow in our CRM and B2B marketing can be apprehended in no time.


content planning

Simple Ways to Plan Out you Marketing Content  


content planning

Getting ready to write new content for your next marketing content? Are you worried about the clutter in internet that your content may not stand out and you want to make it delightful and engaging? So I guess, that is normal for a content creator. I normally do plan my published work and sometimes end up writing in uncanny way. But I make it sure that the piece I’m working is something worth to read. Just like this. As I said, if you are planning to write something new, we can get you some advice that we tailored out from our reliable resources. Read more